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Top View of Sesimbra Hotel & Spa

Things to Do in Sesimbra

Located in the picturesque village of Sesimbra, Portugal, Sesimbra Hotel & Spa is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, from the Serra da Arrábida mountains to the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.Explore charming streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, or take a short walk to the beach and enjoy a day of sun and surf. With a rich history and vibrant local culture, Sesimbra is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable vacation experience.

Aroeira golf course at Sesimbra, Portugal


Sesimbra Hotel & Spa is conveniently located near two stunning golf courses—Aroeira Golf Course and Quinta do Perú Golf Course—offering guests the opportunity to practice their swing while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Portuguese coast.

  • Aroeira Golf Course | 30 km | 35-minute drive
  • Quinta do Perú Golf Course | 20 km | 25-minute drive
Beaches- Sesimbra, Portugal


Stay just steps away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, including Praia da California and Praia do Ouro. Situated right in front of Sesimbra Hotel & Spa, Praia da California is known for its scenic landscape and calm waters. In addition to various beach equipment, the beach also offers a library.

  • California Beach | 10 m
  • Ouro Beach | 900 m | 10-minutes walk
  • Arrábida Beaches | 17 km | 25 m
  • Meco Beaches | 14 km | 20 m
  • Lagoa de Albufeira Beach | 17 km | 25 m
Caves -Sesimbra, Portugal

Cave Tours

Explore the stunning caves and grottos of the Arrábida Natural Park on a guided tour near Sesimbra Hotel & Spa, where you can discover hidden beaches and crystal-clear waters while admiring unique rock formations and marine life.

  • Arrábida Natural Park | 18 km | 20-minute drive
  • The caves of: Frade, Utopia, Zambujal, Pedreira do Avelino, Jazida dos Lagosteiros, Pedra da Mua
Sports- Sesimbra, Portugal


With its mild climate and scenic views, it's the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy a variety of athletic activities, including hiking, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.

  • Your Activities includes:
Beautiful Sesimbra Region at Sesimbra, Portugal


The beautiful Sesimbra region boasts many natural gems, from gorgeous beaches to hidden caves. Explore the Serra da Arrábida, a mountain range with scenic hiking and biking trails, diverse plants and wildlife, and incredible dolphin-watching opportunities, as well as the stunning coastline of Cabo Espichel. 

  • Serra da Arrábida | 18 km | 20-minute drive
  • Cabo Espichel | 18 km | 25-minute drive
Enjoy Portuguese Music at Sesimbra, Portugal


The charming village of Sesimbra boasts a lively cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year celebrating traditional Portuguese music, dance, and cuisine.
Historic Sites - Sesimbra, Portugal

Historic Sites

Sesimbra is a village with a vast and precious heritage dating back to prehistoric times. Its local architecture reflects a blend of influences, including Roman, Moorish, and Manueline styles.

  • Sesimbra Castle | 6.5 km | 10-minute drive
  • Lapa do Bugio | 13.1 km | 17-minute drive
  • Roça do Casal do Meio | 10.2 km | 23-minute drive
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit | 550 m | 7-minute walk
  • Maritime Museum of Sesimbra and Sesimbra Fortress І 500 m І 6-minute walk
Culinary Adventures- Sesimbra, Portugal

Culinary Adventures

As a quintessential beach village, it's no surprise that Sesimbra is known for its incredible seafood. Setúbal Peninsula is also a region famous for its fantastic wines. Recognized as a "divine drink" across borders, Muscatel, a fortified wine of superior quality, is an exclusive wine from the Setúbal Peninsula.