The Spa - is in operation for treatments/massages only.

Gym - in operation, with limited use.



The Spa Massage ideal for those looking for a deep relaxation and stress elimination.
In this massage the whole body is massaged from the head to toe.

Duration 80 min. 80€

Full body relaxing massage.

Duration: 50min. 50€

Back and neck Relaxing massage.

Duration: 30min. 35€

Local massage that uses appropriate maneuvers in the problematic areas, facilitates muscle relaxation, helping to relieve accumulated tension.
It is performed according to the needs of each customer.

Duration: 30min. 45€

Indulge in a relaxing massage where the heat emanating from the stone reaches the superficial nerve endings, relaxing muscles, benefiting blood circulation, digestive, respiratory and joints, providing the body relaxation and relief from stress.

Duration: 30 and 60 min. 40€/70€

Treatment that stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system, ideal for treatment of problems such as poor circulation, fluid retention and cellulites.

Duration: 30 and 60 min. 30€/55€

Reflexology In our feet are located all reflexes of our body organs as well as nerve endings and that is why the effect is highly relaxing and soothing.

Duration: 30min. 40€

Massage providing a deep muscle relaxation, drainage and invigorating feeling of well-being. This massage promotes muscle tone, concerning the direction of the muscle fibers, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and energy.

Duration: 60min. 55€

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of a hot wire melted candle dripping slowly down your body, Think also of these benefits: relief from stress, insomnia and fatigue, decrease pain, activating blood circulation, increase nutrition of the skin, muscle tissues and toxins elimination.
The melted oil candle in contact with the skin and offers unique sensations of well-being

Duration: 30 e 60 min. 45/65€

Showers and baths

Back and neck massage.
Duration: 30 min. | 45€

Vichy shower full body massage.
Duration: 50 min. | 60€

Vichy Shower with Exfoliation.
Duration: 60 min. | 75€

Bath with Sea salts

Hydro Bath with moisturizing and detoxifying effects.
Softens your skin and relaxes your muscles with vitamins and minerals.

Duration: 30min. | 30€

Face and Body

A treatment developed to rebalance and strengthen sensitive skins.
This treatment not only cools and calms but reduces any irritation within the skin.

Duration: 50min. | 45€

Deep hydration Treatment for face, neck and décolleté. gives your skin a deep moisturizing surge while repairing damage from sun and daily living. Balances the hydro-lipid system of the epidermis.

Duration: 50min. | 45€

Offers exceptional results by delicately and effectively renewing the skin. Also improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, leaving the skin with a new and exceptional texture.

Duration: 50min. | 45€

This Deep Cleansing treatment is recommended for all skin types and includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam therapy, extraction, relaxing face and neck massage, clarifying mask and moisturizer.

Duration: 60min. | 60€

Duration: 50min. | 45€

The body is deeply purified and oxygenated with a marine exfoliation

Duration: 30 min. / 35 €

Exfoliation followed by wrapping with seaweed, with a detoxifying action, improves circulation and remineralizes the skin

Duration: 60 min. / 60 €

Involvement with reducing products and massage with draining movements

Duration: 60 min. / 60 €

We use products with different active principles that firm and tone

Duration: 60 min. / €50

Thermal mask and lipolytic products that reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite

Duration: 50 min. / 45 €

Detoxifying and draining treatment for tired legs

Duration: 50 min. / 45 €

Small relaxing pool

A swimming cap is required when using the relaxation pool (avalable for sale at the spa’s
reception) as well as rubber slippers.

The use of bikini or bathing suit is mandatory.

Children under 16 have limited acess to the spa.


The use of bikini or bathing suit is mandatory.

Children under 16 have limited acess to the spa.

Turkish bath

The use of bikini or bathing suit is mandatory.

Children under 16 have limited acess to the spa.



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Programs subject to availability of the hotel. In the act of booking, you will be able to book the treatments you wish. Please contact us for more information.
The use of the Spa ( including indoor pool ) is prohibited to persons under 16 years of age.

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